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Music Style: Alternative Rock

Country: United States

Year: 2000- Present


Lifehouse is an American rock band hailing Malibu, California. The group started as a Christian band called Blyss that recorded and released an album, Diff’s Lucky Day in 1999. The next year saw the band being reworked by their label, DreamWorks Records, which tries to give focus to its front man, Jason Wade rather than the band as a whole.

By the time their debut album was released in October of 2000, only two of the original band members remained. Their debut album, Sick Cycle Carousel, contained the hit single “Hanging by the Moment”, which set the band into stardom. The single was labeled as the most played song in 2001 and was named the number one song of the year by Billboard Hot 100 without ever reaching the top spot on any of the charts that year. It was only the third song in music history to be given that distinction.

The band was also popularly associated with the hit TV series, Smallville, from where some of the songs by the band were heard. After a long tour, the band then went to make and release their second album, Stanley Climbfall. The success of their second offering was short lived and was over shadowed by the success of their first album.



Jason Wade

Rick Woolstenhulme Jr.

Bryce Soderberg

Ben Carey


Sean Woolstenhulme

Sergio Andrade

Jon “Diff” Palmer

Collin Hayden

Aaron Lord


2000 – No Name Face

2002 – Stanley Climbfall

2005 – Lifehouse

2007 – Who We Are
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